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Our high performance electric radiator fans can now be found in our online catalog, click here

Stock engine driven fans waste horsepower and fuel, replacing it with an electric fan will free up horsepower and save you money in fuel mileage. Used as an auxiliary fan, it will fix the annoying overheating at idle of low speed operation. I have personally tested the fans in Moab, Utah! In July! Trust me, they will work for you!

All fans are 100 % new and feature:

  • Heavy duty parts
  • Highest  quality parts
  • Universal fit
  • Basic mounting hardware
  • Can be use with bolt in applications.
  • Limited one year warranty
  • 100 % tested
  • High strength
  • Glass-filled
  • Poly-propylene frames

 We offer the following choices:

  1.   Straight blades (10), they are fully reversible (pusher or puller, they are very thin,  the center bearing is 1" in diameter and is raised 1/4" off the motor base. All measurements are at the motor not the bearing cap.
  2. "S" blade design This is very similar to the straight, however it is not reversible. Only used as a puller.
  3. Exclusive straight blade 6-volt design Due to power required not available in the 16". Will work as a pusher, however it is more efficient as a puller. A 6-volt alternator is advised.




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