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Here at Rush Power Systems, we keep the Mad Scientists in our R&D department (aka RUSH SKUNK WORKS), locked up until they come up with something cool. Well we just let them out. They have come up with something for the High Amp Alternator and Automotive Electrical world. This is a process that will actually make the case more conductive, that will make more amps from a alternator or more torque from a starter.

The alternator or starter must be coated after the processes is complete and the only coating that is compatible at this time is a silver color that is usually found on headers. This process will not cause any loss of strength to the case and the case must be in good condition (no cracks or dents). This process will not work with chrome cases unless the chrome is removed. As a benefit, the coating will help to dissipate heat. This will result in an alternator that will last longer and run cooler.

We have found gains of up to 23% that means a 100 amp alternator is capable of producing 130 amps, and a 200 amp alternator is capable of producing 260 amps. We offer this on our new alternators and you can send your alternator in to have it done to yours. The Superconductor process will take 1 to 2 weeks to complete.

When you send your alternator in we will install new bearings, and brushes at no additional charge, for this reason we will need your alternator as a complete unit. Then we clean and evaluate your alternator  casing. We will notify you of what we find along with a price to replace the cases (if needed). Before sending your alternator in send us an e-mail, sales@rushpowersystem.com. We will send you a shipping # along with the address to send you alternator to.


Its time to play with lightning - try the superconductor.



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