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Rush Power Systems Tools Page

This tool runs on java so you may see a scripts or active x warning, you will need to allow them to use the tool.

On this page we well provide you with a series of tools to help determine your power needs.The first of this is our voltage to amperage calculator. Since this is a true ohms calculator it will also provide you with resistance so you can use it with all your ohm calculations. Enter any two numbers such as voltage and watts and hit the calculate button and it will do the rest. Just don’t forget to add your factor alternators amps to the result, that is if the calculator shows you need 50 amps and you have a 100 amp factory alternator you need a total of 150 amps. Just remember to hit reset after each time you hit calculate.

Voltage =  V
Amperage or Current=  A
  Resistance=  Ω
Wattage=  W

 Enter voltage and your systems watts.

Try different voltages to see effects on amps.

Be sure to hit reset between each.
















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